Berroco Sox FO

Pattern: Basic Top Down Stockinette Socks (64 stitches, slip stitch gusset heel)
Start: August 30 Finish: October 12, 2009
Yarn: Berroco Sox
Colour: 1433 Lot: 2719
Needles 2.75mm bamboo dpns

Not much to say - pretty basic stuff.

As I've mentioned previously, the yarn doesn't feel as "wooley" as I'd like. I have become used to it though and I can now see myself wearing the socks whereas during the knitting of sock #1 I wasn't sure that would be the case.
The "freckles" of dark brown scattered in the lighter grey stripes strike me as kind of messy looking. I had no idea when I bought the yarn the striping would be so pronounced.
All that whining aside, they do look okay side by side which I didn't think they would since the stripes are obviously different from one sock to the other.

These were strictly car/subway knitted socks knit while I was working on the Fair Isle Cardigan at home. The first sock came out at a looser gauge than the second as I started it during the time I was working really hard to maintain very loose tension in my two handed colour work stranding. I must have carried over that looseness without even being aware of it at the time. Of course, nothing "relaxed" lasts forever with me so I'm not surprised the effect had worn off by the time I got to sock #2. I am surprised though at how much yarn I have left over. I should have made these much longer in the leg to use up the yarn.

Oh well, into the sock drawer and regular rotation they go!
As for Mr. Reluctant Fair Isle...

Last night I once again made it to the collar but decided the golden bottoms of the diamond shapes above the circles should be orange. The photo above was taken prior to ripping back to the circles one more time. (BTW I've now got the shot above beside the previous colour combination in my Ravelry notebook if you're interested - on Ravelry I'm Canadianeh.)

P.S. Hey Curlerchick! (re your recent comment about wrapping the screened porch at the cottage)

These two photos illustrate how the top (grommets over hooks) and bottom edges (rope through grommets and then around hooks - adds play to the tarp for easier installation and removal) of the porch wrap attach to the cottage. We used to have one long piece but now have three that overlap at the corners so we can partially wrap or have unwrapped, part of the porch if the weather is particularly nice...

They also roll up very tightly for storage over the summer. They were made by a place that makes custom tarps for trucks. Very reasonable and they do a great job! (Our first lasted about 15 years.)


Sandra said...

wow - I'm not used to seeing my name in screaming red - it sure got my attention! And so did your tarp solution. I've printed off the pictures to show the males of the family. Methinks we will be wrapping the porch soon...

Acorn to Oak said...

Cute socks!

I'm loving your sweater too!

It looks and sounds like you've got the cottage wrapping system down. Looks like it works great and is easy. But...I'm wondering...why do you wrap your cottage?

knitinsage said...

those sox lose the blotchiness from far away. nice job!

Lupie said...

Your socks make me want to start making socks again and that beaiutiiful sweater gives me the fair isle itch.