DKC Haul

Last night's meeting of Toronto's biggest knitting group (I estimate there were close to 200 in attendance) was a great kick off to the year...
  • There is a new, very entertaining President - Carol Adams
  • We heard that everyone's favourite Patrick Madden, recovering from Cancer treatment hopes to be back at the next meeting
  • The DKC website is now featuring photos
  • The Twist Collective Trunk Show will be at the October meeting!
Best of all (like everyone else at the meeting) I came home with free yarn!

Breast Cancer Scarf...

...coming right up (Cheryl count me in!)

In the large boxes of single balls available from the warehouse of one distribution company whose name now escapes me...I found some mercerized cotton (309 meters!)I think will be fabulous for a string bag...

And Kertzer had a ball for each person in attendance. I don't know what everyone else got but I scored this lovely 100% wool yarn called "Rejuvenation" in a colourway called "Shamrock". The letter that came with it said it is a rebranding of Sheppard Classic - a yarn I'm just discovering as I work on my fair isle cardi. I'm thinking about Shamrock mittens - I just have to consult with my new "friend" Elizabeth Z.
I managed to get an hour or so on my fair isle after I got home. I'm aiming to get one pattern per 24 hour period which should have me ready to join sleeves to body by early next week.

Thanks to ecouragement from reading Glenna's blog - I've embraced knitting two colours with two hands. (working on my continental technique paid off!) This combined with Ms. Zimmerman's dismissal of having to twist yarns in fair isle...

..If you want to pick up the new color from under the old one feel free. But it is not necessary; I will stick out my neck and say not even desirable.
...is making for an entirely pleasant knitting experience on this piece. Besides the fun of two handed knitting I've also got several different brands of worsted, working each for a few rows before being switched out as others take over, so this too is providing plenty of entertainment.

I guess to answer to Brenda's question from the comments yesterday, I'm enjoying this knit very much on all fronts!

Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to drop by!


Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun night! And, free yarn?!! That's awesome! I'm glad you're joining in on the pink challenge (thanks for the link in your post). And, you really made my day with what you told me in the comment on my blog. How fun! I'll share the fun and let you know that I know of at least one person in my knit group that reads your blog too...she's just not one to comment. :-)

Brenda said...

Glad you had a great evening. The Rejuvenation yarn is one that the shop I am working at carries. Let me know how you like it. It will make a good substitute for Patons Classic Merino, I think.