Zimmerman on the Brain

I'm starting to think Elizabeth Zimmerman's books should feature a warning lable of some kind.

Yesterday my hands were absent needles and yarn (very unusual but after all I was entitled to a bit of recovery time after my Pi marathon last week) Nonetheless, my brain was busy vicariously knitting along with EZ all day! Her "pithy" words, 'knocking around in my head and it seems I'm powerless to turn them off.

'On line for a bit of distraction - trying to get excited about all the new fall patterns coming out, I looked several times through the new offerings from the Twist Collective. (Mimico is sooo fabulous!) but I kept getting stuck on an article on a "lost" sweater EZ knit decades ago. Clicking over to the advice column by Anne and Kay and they're advising knitters to use up single souvenir skeins by knitting the February Baby Sweater and highlighting how fine yarn is more economical to knit with than thicker alternatives - Knitter's Almanac! - Time to get off line!

I flip through the new VK - Zimmerman's "Ganomy" hat is front and centre and Jared Flood has a feature article channeling her genius of knitting in the round (the article isn't about her but that's all I see as I read it!)

So last night, (My Beloved's out of town, Darling Daughter's, out on the town) Number One Son was enjoying a bit of TV before we head back to the screen-free cottage today, I was fresh and cool from a lovely swim at my sister's, my evening cup of tea in hand, I should have reached for that sock project as I settled in but instead I just flipped open the Almanac to the Aran sweater and vicariously followed along.

Once back to the cottage later today I'll just give over to this Zimmerman thing and hope that Eunny's brilliance awaiting me in the Tangled Yoke and just plain tangles in the red ribbed alpaca scarf to sort through will give a bit of relief.
But I'm also taking a mass of coloured worsted to start swatching for my Fair Isle cardigan. That could be a good distraction but then again, I'll have to try to enjoy that project for its own value rather than regarding it as just creating remants for me to play around with a Zimmerman seamless sweater or three!

'Like I said, warning labels are probably in order - maybe I should make some of my own!

Thanks for dropping by!


Lorraine said...

I'm looking forward to some serious knitting time- nothing like a new project, is there?

Sandra said...

wish I was heading back to the cottage - we won't get back until Labour Day, now. Too many in-town commitments...

Brenda said...

I am getting caught up on my blog reading. I too took EZ's Knitters Almanac to the trailer and read it cover to cover. For the x squared time. I also read her Knitting Around .
Looks as if your weather wasn't any better than ours. What a summer!