Three's a Charm?

I started July with three pairs of Afterthought socks in three colours thinking they'd be done in a week or so but with the help of the baby gift cardigan and spending more time than anticipated in the city it has stretched into three.

Full time parenting (and in the summer it is literally all the time!) means I generally follow the kids' lead - last week it was tending to the toes for three days - this week more inclement weather in the forecast for the cottage had Number One Son and I sticking around the city an extra day to do a few of our planned "be a tourist in your own town" activities. When I'm around here I'm also treating Darling Daughter to a bit of support since she is generally caring for house and home when I'm at the cottage. Again, not good for the knitting output. We did take in a Jay's game which yielded two afterthought toes leaving two heels left to knit before I can put three cozy pairs of Baby Cashmerino bed socks in the drawer - a mere three years and three patterns after casting on for my first attempts with this yarn.

The mindlessness of these has me more than ready to get back to working on Tangled Yoke. (Looking at my Ravelry project page is another motivator - I'm heartily sick of looking at it with that little WIP box on it!)

My Beloved is on holidays next week so we may not come down for Soccer. I'm looking forward to staying put and having another adult around. (He's been away this week) Between the cold dark and often rainy weather and the mad last minute scheduling* that typify teen activities I feel like I've spent the last three weeks racing around waiting for summer to start.

I always say it takes the kids three weeks to get back to being themselves after the craziness of the school year. I'm eager to relax and knit and get into that magical cottage mode that last July yielded three finished sweaters!

Thanks for dropping by!

*teen translation - "hey I just got a text that so and so and a bunch of other people are doing such and such - can you drive me over to the (insert location) right now?"

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Lorraine said...

Um, my kids are teenagers- and I'm still the Mommy bus.

But I live in the burbs where bus service is non-existant.