Re: Toes

For regular readers on the edge of your seats wondering how the toe situation looks for the weekend - its looking very good indeed!

By lingering around the city secretly watching for signs of infection I've probably prevented any such thing from happening. Well lingering combined with numerous salt water soaks and peroxide dousings, light breathable dressings under socks for sleeping and of course waiting on him so he can stay off them. (Alright the almost super human ability of the healthy adolescent male body to heal itself may have also had something to do the terrific gains we can report in the Great Dual Toe Injury Episode of July '09.

All my hovering and attention has Number One Son frequently, telling me to stop being "so extra"! (I have no idea what that really means but I've decided to take it as a compliment - ignorance can be bliss if you set your mind to it.)

The weekend weather forecast is also looking up - good thing too because we're having company - the kind that will likely enjoy trying every toy and water related gadget and boat we've got. The prospect of sitting in our wee living room with them all weekend was pretty bleak. Just in case that ends up happening I am ready. Among other tricks up my sleeve for a rainy day at the cottage I've got new magazines to stack on the coffee table - everything from golf to crafts, the New Yorker, Atlantic and Vanity Fair for a bit of trashy celebrity-related reading and I'm all ready to break out the yeast and make hamburger buns from scratch. (This is actually very well received when its rainy and cool - its dead easy, makes the cottage smell great, everyone can help with kneading and shaping the buns and it makes the usual cottage burger meal something everyone actually looks forward to!)

For me, I'm planning 6 afterthought heels, five afterthought toes and a scratchy, bulky pair of super fast (44 stitch) cottage socks in Briggs and Little Tuffy "Red Mix". Can you tell this cool, cloudy "summer" we've been having has had me focused on my own permanently cold toes for the past couple of weeks up there?

Thanks for dropping by - have a great weekend - whatever you and your toes are up to!

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Acorn to Oak said...

I love your third paragraph about being "so extra"....that's so funny...I've never heard that...I like it! And, how ignorance can be bliss if you put your mind to it....I totally agree! :-)

Sounds like a super fun weekend ahead...makes me want a cottage on a lake. :-)

Oh...and I think cold toes might be a little refreshing around here right now...weather's been over 100 lately and isn't expected to change anytime soon. Enjoy wearing your socks. :-)