A Georgia Moment

There is a magical moment on March Break car trips from here in Ontario down to Florida when we get out of the car - sometime on the second day - usually in Georgia. I swing the door open and the air outside is warm! In the early, cool dark morning of these trips just a few hours previous, the doors of the car close against a mountain chill as we load up for the final day of driving  from somewhere in the Virginias I think.  The shock and then that thrilling sense of warmth outside is always a highlight of the trip for me.

Its different from the feeling upon emerging from an airport at a southern destination. Having come from the depths of a Canadian winter and just having endured the seasonal deprivation of usually many hours in airport air locks and pressurized cabins, that heat is overwhelming and the accompanying humidity for me, induces a slight notion of suffocation. The Georgia moment is more gentle; more of genuine warmth than full on heat.

This year, with work on the house underway and bank accounts depleted by associated expenses there'll be no trip at March Break for us and to be honest I've been kind of lamenting the absence of an opportunity to get a away - until this morning.

I walked out the door to take Number One Son to school and there it was - that Georgia feeling! Warm air - right there in my very own Toronto driveway! Yesterday, skiing a couple of hours north of here we were bundled up. But this morning I loosened my scarf, I opened my coat - there wasn't even the usual chill in the steering wheel and stick shift to make my unprotected hands ache with cold! 

Having grown up in Toronto I know there's more snow and cold yet to come this season but I also know, once we get a Georgia moment in the weather, our own Florida-esque weather isn't far behind!

Have a great (very late winter) weekend wherever you are! (Unless you're dropping by from Down Under where I guess its getting on to late summer!)


Sandra said...

I had that same feeling this morning when I went out for the paper, and I decided to celebrate by wearing my fleece lined flip flops today. I admint, they seem out of place, but there is fleece on them, and it is warm.
I agree about it being deceiving - we have at least one more snowfall ahead of us...

Aline la Bergère said...

I marvelled over standing on wet payment this evening. I just starred at it like it was Johnny Depp in the flesh. I've never been on a hot holiday trip so this is about as good as it gets for this Canadian. hiccup. hee!

Brenda said...

I've been on both types of trips and your observation of the difference between exiting a car vs an airport is so accurate.
Yesterday, if the lawn furniture had been available I would have had lunch on our south facing deck. Tonight is our fist 'warm-weather' bar b q.

Acorn to Oak said...

I am soooo ready for warm weather. The winter here hasn't been anything like what you and many others have gone through this year. But, I'm soooo ready to move on to warm temps. Brrrr!

Acorn to Oak said...

You haven't been here for a while. I hope everything is ok.