What have I been doing all week? ('Cause clearly I haven't been posting!)

  • I've been getting back into working out. This of course eases stress (good) but then once stress-less I tend to be perpetually sleepy every time I sit still (bad - especially for knitting or working at the computer!) until I've worked out for long enough that the whole "exercise gives you more energy" thing kicks in ("good" once I get there but I know from experience it's going to take a couple more weeks to get to that point.)
  • I signed up for the January Knitty "yarn tasting" 
  • I mulled over taking a course at the upcoming DKC Workshop Weekend - I think I've decided on "Patrick Madden's Finishing School" - I hope there's still room!
  • One of my photos of the Big Cabled Pullover (Ravelry link) got selected to be the featured photo for the pattern on Ravelry. My Wawa Hat (Another Ravelry link) was similarly selected a couple of months ago (and my best commenter - Cheryl from "Acorn to Oak" also had her Crescendo Shawl chosen the other day and its not even finished yet - I think that's really something!)
  • I've reorganized my list of favourite knit blogs. I've moved those that have morphed from knit blogs to "I'm a designer-here's my latest pattern for you to buy blogs" out of my regular list to their own folder (Brooklyn Tweed, Eliphantom, Ysolda, Cosmicpluto etc. - and the list goes on!) It was getting me down hoping to see knit blogging but only finding ads. In a folder of their own I won't forget to visit them when I am actually looking for patterns. The corollary of this is I can now go hunting for more bona fide knit blogs to beef up my list again. Its great fun, kind of like shopping without having to spend anything! 
  • I've carried my knitting basket all over the house in the hopes of re-engaging with my projects. I've had a bit of success. One of the boring socks with gauge issues is actually ready for a toe - once its done of course, the gauge issues will obviously have been overcome and the second sock should fly to completion. Love or no love I will force it to fly to completion!
  • Celtic Tote is back on track, I'm about a third of the way up the second cabled panel.
  • I've been reading my new copy of Knitting Without Tears (I know, once again I'm probably the last in the world to do this.) I've had a million "aha" moments along the way. There's likely a post in that somewhere!
With My Beloved off on the first business trip of the year I plan to make serious progress on clearing up the WIP's this weekend.  Thanks for dropping by today. If you've been checking for posts all week, only to be disappointed, my apologies! I'll be back on track next week for sure!


Brenda said...

First - congrats on the ravelry recognition. Now I can say - a famous person reads my blog.

And if you take that course with Patrick, you will REALLY enjoy him. I used to work with Patrick at London Yarns. He is a hoot. The youngest of 10 kids who grew up sitting at his Mother's knee while she machine and hand knit. There isn't anything Patrick doesn't know about knitting. But I did tell him, one day after listening to him explain something to me about the knitting machine, that I finally understood how retarded people must feel. Say hi to him for me.

Acorn to Oak said...

Congrats on getting another project picture featured on Ravelry! Wooo hoo! That's exciting!

I'm still with you on the exercise thing. I've gone walking (with a little running thrown in) with my daughter several days this week. Ugh! I hate it but I'm trying to keep it up in hopes that I'll start feeling great, getting fit, and losing some weight...and, maybe...just maybe...start enjoying it! lol

I haven't made any progress on my epic WIP this week but I'm hoping to get some knit time tonight. Good luck with your projects this weekend.

You're not the last to read "Knitting Without Tears" cuz this is the first time I've seen or heard about it. Sounds interesting. I'll have to look for it.

Have a wonderful weekend! :o }