On the Fly

I'm only just barely streaking through the house at either ends of the day this week but knitting is nonetheless on the agenda at least in dribs and drabs...

My poor brother was back in hospital for more surgery yesterday. I did knit while waiting but I was too scattered to work on anything more challenging than another couple of dishcloths.
I opted to get the additional yarn to finish Big Cabled Pullover locally from Romni rather than trying to get some in the exact dye lot through an on line trade. Knitwear designer Barbara Gregory works there and gave me good advice to rip back and gradually weave in the colour of the new dyelot to minimize the impact of the change. I will definitely follow her advice.

Then this morning I find the new Knitty is up - after spending almost 3 whole minutes glancing through the offerings there I'm pretty much instantly loving "Everybody Knows", "A little Bird", "Fishy" and "Socktopus"

I'm off again now with seasonal errands a plenty - I'm a bit late leaving - here's hoping I can still get a parking place at the mall. (I keep hearing about this terrible economic downturn but its sure hard to see evidence of it in my local travels!)


Acorn to Oak said...

I hope your brother is okay. Best wishes to him.

Thanks for the tip on the new Knitty. "A Little Bird" and "Fishy" are adorable. I need to get over there and check out all the new stuff. :-)

Good luck with your seasonal errands.

Brenda said...

I Hope your brother is OK.
Thanks for the reminder about Bacardi. I didn't realize the designer worked at Romni. I must keep an eye out the next time I get down there. And she gave you great advice.

Lorraine said...

You are brave- going anywhere near a mall at this time of year.

I have yet to see evidence of this recession.