Guess What I did this weekend...

Hint...Tissues + Homemade Chicken Soup.

You're right! I "enjoyed" a delightful common cold! This one, however, was uncommonly nasty. I chose to ignore its appearance early last week hoping that it would feel unappreciated and go away. No such luck. By Saturday morning it was evident that nothing less than bed rest would induce it to leave me alone or at least demand less than my full attention. My family kindly gave me lots of their attention. They felt badly for me when they noticed I "wasn't even knitting"!

Two solid days in front of the "idiot box" as my father used to call it and despite being surrounded with numerous projects just waiting to be started I barely knit a stitch. I've finally learned that starting things the right way requires thought and energy. Just diving in and casting on generally leads to extreme irritation when inevitably my shortcuts lead to less than stellar results or worse, stupid errors. I managed a bit of swatching but assessing the resulting gauge, running to get another set of needles to make necessary adjustments, managing the accompanying math - it was more than I was up for. I colour coded a couple of charts. Whoopee!

I watched equal parts of CNN election coverage (I'm utterly addicted!), home decorating/renovating shows and PBS - much of it with the sound off or almost inaudible in deference to my sinus headache. On PBS I did turn the sound on to watch Bill Moyers. He did a segment that starts out quite sobering but ends on a note that is utterly uplifting . Its a bit on the longish side but definitely worth a viewing...check it out.


Acorn to Oak said...

I hope you're feeling better very soon.

Stephanie said...

Oh, the cold. Ugh. I'm sorry you caught it. :( Feel better soon! Starting projects really does take more planning than people seem to take into consideration. Maybe some plain stockinette socks? (That at least sounds like the easiest thing for me to do when I'm overwhelmed...)