In a Slooooooow Hurry

Its pretty - I like the yarn - I'm very happy with the fabric - the colour is great - I'm impressed with the shaping but the progress is sooooo slooooow I feel like there's a wall of yarn still in balls that's standing between me and my next project!
  • I've switched from straights to circulars to better accommodate the frequent shifting from knit to purl (less long needle to flop around as I throw the yarn/move from front to back).

I've come to terms with the splitty nature of the yarn.

I'm into the rhythm of the pattern so when I do make a mistake I'm able to see it quickly and fix it on the fly rather than having to rip back.

But I can't believe in two weeks I've only managed to knit 8 inches of length on one side!

I'll have some car knitting time tomorrow en route to the cottage but that'll have to be dedicated to the blue men's socks I posted about a bit yesterday - I can't look at knitting while the car is moving without feeling quite sick. The forecast for the weekend is sunny and I'm going to have to get some of the outside work done that the rain has been preventing the last couple of weeks so I don't know whether its wise to even imagine I'll finish the side this weekend.

One could argue there's no real hurry but I'm in a mental hurry nonetheless. Cool nights and mornings are starting to verge on cold and the urge and need to knit an upper body wardrobe is a weather induced imperative that won't be ignored. I feel like a frantic squirrel madly searching for acorns to stash away!I hope you other knitters enjoy a more mellow and enjoyable time with your project of choice this weekend than I fear I will!

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Acorn to Oak said...

I lovvvvve the color of that yarn! It's soooooo pretty!

I can relate with the sloooow progress of your vest. The "Crescendo" shawl I've been working on is like that. It seems to grow soooo slowly with no end in sight. But, I'll keep knitting on it, hoping to finish in time to use it this Winter. :-)

Have a great time at the cottage and happy knitting.