A Question in the Morning. The Answer in the Afternoon.

Can a frenzied knitting nut with an almost EMPTY knitting basket make a return to the LYS of a single ball of leftover yarn and come home with nothing but a credit on her account?

The answer this afternoon!

Please imagine "Jeopardy" Theme Song Music in your head for a moment (or click here to listen) to symbolize time that did pass between the post above and the following...

In real time its now afternoon. The idiot knitter was so giddy at the prospect of yarn shopping she left the #!?X&ing yarn that needed to be returned at home! After realizing this I made a quick turn and headed for the nearest LYS (Its great being a knitter in Toronto!) rather than my intended target LYS at which I could have secured the credit for the yarn above. (Oh well I should look on the bright side - I guess that means another LYS trip sometime soon!)

And what did I get? (Other than no store credit!)

Yarn to make baby gifts for two new parents who work with My Beloved. I want to knit them over the next two weeks in which I will be hosting/cooking/tending bar/parenting/operating as boat captain pretty much on a solo basis. So I need something mindless, essentially devoid of shaping or even much counting. I've decided to make the Boat Sweater from Debbie Bliss Family Knits.

The shop I went to is moving in two weeks, they are in packing mode and their stock of the Cotton Yarns called for in the pattern was essentially limited to shades of orange, violet, lime green and black - not exactly baby colours. So I switched to wool - Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran - and got enough for a navy version (#004) and and one in cream (#101). I'm pleased at having to make the switch because two cotton sweaters in size 2 is not what my hands are aching to do - if you know what I mean. (The new parents didn't have babies two years ago, they both very recently had babies with birth weights close to 10 lbs. so I don't want to risk making newborn sizes.)

Its not very exciting as yarn goes but the knitting will be a pleasant and necessarily slight diversion when the cottage is full. I'm not only tight with my knitting tension - its essentially a constant state of affairs with me so anything to keep me relaxed and going with the flow will be great to have on hand. As I've said before Ms. Bliss is my go to gal for baby knits so I'm confident in my expectations of this pattern and the yarn.
As an aside, yesterday I endured multiple disasters, false starts and time wasting dead ends in my quest to deal with my lengthy list of back to school errands. The misfire on the yarn return today though was no problem. As soon as knitting or yarn are in the mix, its like oil on the water!


Sandra said...

not a chance! And, pray tell, what does an almost EMPTY knitting basket look like? I am unaware of this phenomena...

Acorn to Oak said...

LOL I love the comment by Sandra. So funny! What does an almost empty knitting basket look like? I didn't know that was possible. lol It would be fun and exciting to refill it though. Good thing you forgot the yarn to return so you have an excuse to shop for even more. :-)

Have fun with the baby sweathers.