A Wall of Heat

Behind that curtain is the most glorious summer morning sun shine you can imagine but its loaded with heat so I block it out in an effort to keep the house as cool with as little AC as possible.

On the west side of the house I have blinds lined with black out fabric that do a fantastic job of keeping things equally comfortable during the long late afternoon and early evening.

With school out, the house in summer has a mellow, open minded, spontaneous energy. I try to say "yes" to the majority of the kid's requests as well as the odd inclination to just sit down in the middle of the day and knit. I love having cool drinks and seasonal fruit washed and grab able from the fridge. Give me shady coolness over frigid AC-induced cold any day.

Imprint has got to be the perfect summer knitting project and its moving along nicely. I'm about to begin the straight section of the front which will go as quickly and easily as the back did if I can fight my usual habit of having my mind wander around once I think I have the hang of something. This is the moment when disaster typically strikes my knitting projects. The shady back porch under our huge maple tree with a view of the garden is my knitting locale of choice and its all the more so as we await new railings to be installed - I'm enjoying the unobstructed view while I can. I'm not sure this really helps with the wandering mind though...I've moved my knitting to a big antique wash basin. Resting the needle holding the work across the top of the bowl keeps the bobbins all hanging straight and minimizes the time I need to take to untangle them every time I pick up the work to knit. The old crackled white ironstone and bright new cotton yarn is uber summery!

Speaking of "summery" - I'm loving the way this blog evokes the mountains in summer and summer knitting all rolled into one. Quite inspiring while sitting on my little porch in the big city.


Acorn to Oak said...

I agree! Real air rather than AC air. So much better! Plus, AC air tends to give me a headache. Probably because it's so dry.

Your backyard is lovely and I love your antique knitting station. Very cool!

Wishing you happy, cool knitting time. :-)


Stephanie said...

Our windows are always closed and shaded but it still gets up to 95 in the house on hot days. I hate it. :( Luckily we recently installed a whole-house fan, which really works when we open everything up and get the windows open to bring in cool night air.

That's such a cool way to knit, sitting outside with an antique basin helping you out!