Dreaming in Colour

Its been a rainy summer around here and the consistent moisture is prompting everything to grow and bloom at break neck speed. In my absence the gardens get a bit rangy. Between hanging loads of laundry I madly dash in and out and around the beds trying to tidy up but my eye is constantly drawn to the rose growing over the arbor in the centre of the yard. Its the climbing variety of "New Dawn". Its such a good sport about the sun greedy maple tree that shades it because despite its rather dark location it blooms with blossoms that begin to fade in the most graceful manner imaginable almost immediately after they open.

This trait yields a bush constantly covered with a gorgeous array of rosy tones, soft pinks and creams that just scream out to become yarn.

In my mind's eye this yarn would be soft and with a bit of a halo but still good stitch definition. It would need to be dyed by an artist with an eye for somehow capturing in dye and fibre the beauty that sun, soil and rain produces in plants. Once I had this yarn it would become a cardigan that was at once modern and current and yet with a nod towards vintage style. I would wear and love this sweater for years and years, never growing tired of it.

I imagine the yarn could only come from Knitting on Impulse , the pattern, most probably from Ysolda.

(The obvious beauty of only imagining all this I that I can also dream I could actually manage the knitting skill necessary to produce a lacy cardigan and that once made it would suit me but anything's possible in the land of imagination!)

It may still be the early part of mid summer and I may be scrambling around sorting out the house and yard the city dwelling members of my family have neglected over the last week so I may not have time to knit but I certainly can dream and with three sweaters jumping to the FO list in the past couple of weeks and the fall pattern previews coming out all over the place what better for a knitter to do?


Acorn to Oak said...

Such pretty roses. And, what a dreamy, beautiful sweater you're imagining. You painted a lovely picture of it. It sounds great! And yarn colored from "Knitting on Impulse"...Wow! She's amazing! I love looking at the yarns there and how close the colors are to the photos. It's amazing!

Good luck with all your chores. And, happy knitting and dreaming up beautiful knit projects! :-)

Stephanie said...

Funny, this is the second post I've read recently about imagining a perfect sweater, and I've even succumbed to doing that, too. I guess it's also a lull in current projects time. Beautiful roses!