The Call of the Wild (froggies)

Over the weekend, progress was made on Imprint while sitting on the screened porch overlooking the lake and on the dock enjoying the spectacular weather. In both these locations I was able to hear the sound of frogs chirping in the little marshy area across the bay. In the end it left me inspired to take the helix socks for a visit to my own personal frog pond. They were fun to knit and I got the hang of the technique. It is fun to watch the stripes evolve and revolve but generally speaking I didn't like the teeny little stripes. On top of that the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino is soft and squishy and luxurious while the thin stripes seemed miserly and uptight. When I was working on them, the stripes didn't make me look forward to being curled up by the fire next winter or sitting in bed knitting during the evenings of the dark months of the year. Yet that is how I intended to wear these socks. The "mood" I was going for was pure relaxed comfort. That means they needed to look as comfy as they felt.

That old recurring struggle to find patterns I want to wear and that suit me and that are also entertaining to knit reared its ugly little head again.

The helix socks were entertaining and nothing more. Not enough. And those little froggies across the way just kept pushing me to do something about it. So I ripped. They're gone from my knitting basket and from my list of works in progress.
The four balls of Baby Cashmerino of course stay in the stash awaiting their ideal pattern mate. I'll have to think about that....hey what about Log Cabin Socks with the yarn held double... or how about Slippery Socks or....this could take a while...something else to think about as I finish up Imprint.

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