My Sixth Socks - Try to Say that 10 Times Fast!

I've been working on a pair of simple work-style socks for my Beloved in a k4,p1 rib. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Marmi. The colour is 7008. It yields a rather marbled effect in cream and various shades of grey with the odd hint of olive green. The effect of the green is interesting. Its not at all noticeable in the ball but then in the knitting it plays with your eyes. You think you see it then dismiss it but then upon closer examination you can make out subtle little hints of colour. I'll be interested to check out the other colourways in this yarn on my next trip to the LYS - looking more closely for hidden colours and potential new projects in them!

Can you make out the colour?

The socks look and feel the essence of good old men's work socks. A contrasting heel and toe would have been a nice addition. I'll make note of that on my pattern for sure. I may still do contrasting toes. (I'm a very tight knitter and always worried I won't get two socks out of a single ball. I seem to be developing a habit of leaving off knitting the toe of the first sock until I see how the yarn holds out through the second one.)
This pair will be my first worked without the omnipresent aid of a pattern always at hand. How freeing! My head is swimming with visions of ridiculous levels of almost comatose knitting of basic socks turning every wasted or bored minute of my life into blissful fibre filled productivity! 'Not saying knitting should be like that, ' just admitting I am. Anyway my next pair will likely be something involving a more demanding stitch or different construction and I will no doubt need the pattern with me for that but I'm just thrilled to know that for basic, commuter knitting, knitting in the dark watching movies and that kind of thing, I will be able to work away unhindered by the need for instructions.

All this from someone who just a couple of years ago thought knitting socks was a ridiculous waste of time when socks could be purchased for such a reasonable price.

A few things have changed my mind about this. First, commercial socks now seem to last less than a season before gaping holes develop under the heel, at the toe or both. Secondly, wool socks are so much warmer than the cotton/nylon variety from the store and the only wool socks available now are too thick to wear under anything but huge bulky boots which I seldom wear - whatever the weather.

My Beloved, having grown up with hand knit socks, of course has always known of their merit and is very much looking forward to wearing this pair very soon!

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