Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny came to our house a bit early this year...by a couple of months.

I made this little cutie back in January as a baby gift. Its a Debbie Bliss pattern I found in a book from the Library. Debbie Bliss is my favourite source for baby patterns - classic but usually with some little detail that really makes the finished project shine - just the thing for gifts!
The yarn is Bernat Satin leftover from a project I did on request for a friend's 3 year old. The three year old picked out the yarn which I wouldn't have considered but I'm glad I had the leftovers on hand because it really is very soft - especially when gently stuffed with loose fill. The colour ("Sea Shell") is also pretty - not too garish which can be a problem with pinks. The machine wash-ability is also great when making toys for little ones.

As for the pattern itself - quick, fun and satisfying. Check out the shaping to make that bustle-like hind end topped off with a pom pom tail! (Different yarn used for the tale - a mystery ball leftover from years ago)

The leg shaping yields a very "rabbity" haunch and I love the way the shaping on the face makes a nose and frames the eyes!

Finally the size of the limbs - especially the ears - is just right for a wee one to grab and hold and at about nine inches long, the bunny's very light and not too bulky to take along anywhere baby might be off to. This bunny was fun to make and to give -'full marks on all fronts!

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